Ground Transportation to and from Authentic Living Heartland

Buck Horn Transportation offers discounted rates for anyone traveling from the Durango-La Plata Airport to the Authentic Living Heartland retreat center. Rates are not per-person, they are per car. Total fares will divide equally between passengers who are willing to share the ride. Our reservationist will also assist you in coordinating shared rides with other retreat center guests. We charge a 25% cancellation fee during peak season from June 1, to October 15th.

Per Person Rates

  • 2 Passengers
    shared ride
  • $90
    per passenger
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  • 3 or More
    shared ride
  • $70
    per passenger
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*If the majority of event participants all use Buck Horn Transportation service, the likelihood of sharing a ride increases and your cost will decrease.


At the time of booking, please also consider if you are flexible in travel plans. If you are willing to wait up to one hour in order to share a ride with another Authentic Living Heartland guest, please let the reservationist know. Also, if you are willing to depart the retreat center one hour earlier in order to share a ride let them know at the time of booking. Drive time is approximately one hour. Arriving one hour before your departure is sufficient but the airport recommends arriving 90 minutes prior. Also know that due to airport size, location and weather, DRO flights can quickly change. We recommend monitoring your flight information at

Buck Horn also offers the lowest rates and has the most 5 star ratings in Southwest Colorado.

Groups of 3 or more with a large amount of luggage will require the use of our van.

We charge a 25% cancellation fee during peak season from June 1, to October 15th.

Uber is not recommended

Uber is not popular in this area and that limits availability. Also, they do not have a strong presence at the Durango-La Plata airport and will most likely have to come from Durango which is at least 25 minutes away.

We hope that you enjoy your time at Authentic Living Heartland.

Please call Buck Horn Dispatch at 970 769-0933 anytime for assistance.