Delivery Service 24 Hours a Day

We offer 24 hour package delivery service to anywhere in the continental USA. We are cheaper than a local taxi. Our rate is $84.00 per hour for any items that can fit in a passenger car.

In most cases we are available for immediate pickup of your important package. We are willing to drive all night to accomplish your job on time. Many of our mining and aviation clients have been able to alleviate prolonged expensive down time with our reliable delivery service.

Larger packages can also be transported with our van or SUV. Please call for rates.

As always, please share as much arrival, tracking, and pick up information as possible so that we can arrive promptly.

Vehicle Delivery Service

We also offer professional vehicle delivery services anywhere in the continental US. We will drive your car and drop it off anywhere, anytime. The fee for this service varies with the details of the trip.

We do not transport hazardous materials, illegal drugs or weapons. Alcohol must be in possession of a legal adult.

delivery service